Light flooded through my window 

Past the white wood panels holding nature’s glow out 

I push the lever down to let more life in 

And I hear the crisp sounds of birds playing outside 

With a faint buzz of cars commuting to work 

Or as I imagine them to be, I am sure they do other things too 

And I lay in my bed from Ikea with a frame over head 

On my rough blue and white checker sheets 

They are sweet and remind me of a 

A magical and hidden cottage 

Nestled in a meadow 

Over grown with wild flowers and wheat 

But of course not a single bug would bite me 

And the house would never flood 

And the sun would always shine 

Until it was time for the moon and stars to be bright 

And I would lay on a bed right outside my cottage 

And feel the warmth of the stars shine on

My face like it is on a hermosa beach with just right warm sand 

And I’ll dream of what its like 

To be felt 

To be loved 

To be cherished 

To be cared for 

To be adored 

To be seen 

Just the way I am 

With no ask to change 

With no desire for different 

And with a sense of understanding that I can grow 

Into more than I am
And as the cottage transforms 

I’ll be in a glass box floating in the sky remembering what 

It was like to be that girl with the room in the back of the house 

That was so scared of being ordinary 

She would put herself in danger 

I am so proud of what she’s has become and what she will come for her next  

Her flow to grow into a life different than the one 

They all told her she was meant to have 

And despite their claws and their rules and their shame 

She climbed out without a moment to waste 

And I am just so happy to be able to give her what she wants 

A life where she gets to do whatever the fuck she wants. 

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